In The Big Bad Wolf Souvlaki & Burger Bar stores you will find rich tasty proposals focusing on souvlaki and burgers. People with passion work daily to serve your orders and to offer you a special tasting experience in your daily life.

The people who work in The Big Bad Wolf stores are the protagonists in this effort and for this reason we take care of their continuous development by providing the appropriate training as well as incentives for high performance in every activity.

We focus our attention on the satisfaction of your taste needs and requirements and we base our operating model on the quadruple Quality Service Cleanliness and Hospitality.



We are committed to constantly evolving the process of preparing high quality meals always adhering to the basic principles of food safety. We work with certified suppliers who supply us daily based on specifications with the raw materials for the preparation of your meals. We apply quality controls to the offered products to ensure all the specified quality characteristics. We control the observance of the prescribed procedures through mystery shopping in our stores... in order to prevent any failures and we constantly train our staff in new procedures and technologies. In collaboration with a certified external partner we have created a self-monitoring system based on the HACCP principles, with fully documented procedures, which is inspected at regular intervals to ensure the best conditions for food quality and safety.



Our main goal is the correct and fast service of your orders and it is what has characterized us in the food delivery market. We seek the ever-increasing level of service of our customers and we constantly invest in the optimization of our services through the continuous training of our staff, having created a series of procedures that enable us to know where your order is at a more advanced stage so as to optimize your service... We have set up our own call center where all of you can call to place your order, ask about the progress of the order and even give a comment indicating the failure in it. The I.T. part of our company has created modern procedures to optimize your order. At the end of 2019 we were the first company in the field of steakhouses to introduce notice to its customers about the progress of their order. Twice a year we do research on a large part of our customers where we collect data and information on the degree of satisfaction of our customers from our performance. We then use the findings and data we collect to determine our strategy and plan our services.




The key to the success of restaurants is to maintain a high level of hygiene of the stores and their employees. That is why when the customer service hours expire, the lights of our stores remain open because the cleaning crews take action by cleaning and disinfecting from end to end all the production and hospitality areas! Following this daily effort and in collaboration with a certified external partner, we proceed with further procedures and actions to maintain the high level of hygiene of our stores. The training of our staff in matters of personal hygiene is continuous and of course all our employees hold health certificates for work in restaurants.


Hospitality is a feature of Greek culture. The friendly mood, the smiling faces and the willingness of our employees compose a pleasant and hospitable environment in our stores. All our customers can visit our stores either to take their orders take away or to enjoy a quick meal as well as in some of our stores there are living areas where they can take a pleasant break with family and friends enjoying its delicacies The Big Bad Wolf.